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Managing patient appointments and information can be a real pain in the neck for chiropractors. For many professionals, it’s time-consuming, tedious and inefficient, especially if they rely on the traditional method: accepting appointments by phone and entering the information into a paper appointment book. Even those practitioners that incorporate newer technology, such as an electronic calendar, are missing out on applications that can save them and their staffs time Neck Ache Bennington NE 68007 and money.

These applications come in the form of online appointment-scheduling systems.


Considering the number of different online applications available for a variety of tasks, it’s no surprise that software developers have identified the need for effective appointment-scheduling systems and created systems that meet this demand. Providing functionality that all businesses-including chiropractors and other medical professionals-can utilize, this technology has helped countless practitioners effortlessly streamline their office Bennington NE 68007 procedures and automate tasks. It’s Web-based structure helps make this possible.

Like many interactive, online programs, most Internet appointment-scheduling applications are what are commonly known as Software as a Service (SaaS). Accessible in the same way as any Web page, these programs typically require no downloads, installations or costly hardware to use them. All that the practice needs is an Internet connection.

Although functionality can vary among providers, most online appointment Neck Ache Bennington NE 68007 scheduling systems offer such standard features as:

• “Point-and-click” scheduling.This makes it easy to view available days and times and quickly book a patient’s appointment.

• Automated e-mail and text message reminders. Reminders can greatly decrease the number of “no-shows”, which cuts into a practice’s operating income. But they can also take up staff time. Automated e-mail and text message reminders sent prior to scheduled appointments require little or no extra Bennington NE 68007 effort from practitioners or staff members. The system does all the work. Patients will also appreciate receiving them. (Chiropractors should also consider Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ((HIPAA)) requirements as well when sending correspondence to patients via e-mail.)

• Record-keeping and reporting. Because it centralizes appointment data, chiropractors can tap into the system to gather information and create reports. Some systems even have pre-set reports that make this important Bennington NE 68007 task even easier.

• E-marketing capabilities. Some chiropractic offices send e-newsletter, e-mail and other marketing pieces to clients. Scheduling software makes it easy to pull patient contact information, such as e-mail addresses.

• Online patient self-scheduling. Although not used by all chiropractors, online appointment-scheduling software can allow patients to schedule and manage their own appointments online.


Given the importance of appointment-scheduling to a chiropractor and his or her Bennington NE 68007 operations, selecting an online scheduler should not be done in haste. Take the time to research what’s available and test the product before choosing it. Many scheduling software businesses offer a free demo of their products, which provides an excellent opportunity to get a feel for the product and its capabilities.

In addition to the aforementioned functionality, other areas to examine before purchasing the service include:

• Reliability. Make sure the Bennington NE 68007 product is proven before incorporating it. A practice should feel confident that the scheduling software chosen will accomplished what’s expected of it.

• Ease-of-use for staff. This is very important, as in-office staff members most likely will access and use the software. Applications that are difficult to learn and use could defeat the purpose of incorporating scheduling software, as staff may be reluctant to properly utilize all of the system’s Bennington NE 68007 capabilities.

• Accessibility and installation. Although it should be apparent, check to ensure the software is indeed Web-based. If not, it could require installation or other actions to properly utilize.

• Capabilities. Just like system features, specific capabilities can vary among scheduling-software providers. Look for certain functionality necessary for daily scheduling tasks, such as calendar adjustability, whereby an office can set multiple appointments per time slot, block off days and times, Bennington NE 68007 set future appointments up to a year out or longer, and determine the status of a scheduled appointment; accurate record-keeping; and the ability to generate substantial reports.

• Security. Considering the sensitive nature of patient records and information, it’s vital that the system offers ample security, both internal and external. This is especially true if the scheduling software is Web-based.

• Customer Support. Don’t be left high and dry by a Bennington NE 68007 provider looking for a quick sale and no customer service. Consider software that offers both e-mail and telephone support.

• Service Contracts. Some appointment-scheduling software providers offer month-to-month service without any long-term contracts.

Scheduling and managing patient appointments need not be a difficult or tedious task. Let online scheduling technology streamline and automate your appointment processes so you can focus more time on your practice and patients.

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